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Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame(CSHF)
The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (CSHF) celebrates excellence in the art of Canadian songwriting by honouring those writers and songs which have had a profound influence on our lives and cultural identity, as well as those individuals who have made significant contributions to the preservation and/or development of our musical heritage.

The CSHF mandate, “To honour and celebrate Canadian songwriters and those who have dedicated their lives to the legacy of music, and to educate the public about these achievements,” provides a unique opportunity to engage future generations in understanding and valuing Canadian music and songwriting.

Induction to the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

Songwriters considered for induction to the Hall of Fame are Canadian by birth or citizenship or have landed immigrant status, and may be living or dead. They must have written or co-written the music and/or lyrics to a song or catalogue of songs that has been available to the public for at least twenty-five years. The song(s) must qualify under the criteria for eligible songs.

A song eligible for induction to the CSHF is comprised of lyrics and music, or music without lyrics, and must be written wholly or in part by a Canadian. As well, the song must meet one or more of the following criteria: having been sustained over time through oral tradition; achieved substantial regional, national and/or international status; recorded a historical event or helped to define an era; created or helped to create a genre of music.

Other individuals may be inducted into the Hall of Fame if they have made significant contributions to the development and recognition of Canadian songs and songwriters (including, but not limited to, publishers, performers, broadcasters, members of the media, collectors and compilers of traditional material, etc.).

For more information on the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, please see

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